Prepare your Notes based Applications for Future Scale and Compatibility

Lotus Notes basedapplications are valuable tools for organizations, but they need additional attention during aNotes-to-Office 365 transformation. There are a lot of legacy Notes applications, and you might not be using them all. With the right planning, you can reduce migration costs by making sure all applications are handled correctly, without unnecessary effort. MERP developed Small Systems Management and Rationalization (SSMR) techniques enables future use, compatibility, and operability –without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications by analyzing all of your applications before transformation and categorizing them to a to atarget Microsoft platform.

SharePoint offersa great transformative experience for Notes applications. Most of the standard applications such as Calendar, Task Lists, Simple listing, Meeting Scheduling can be seamlessly transitioned using SharePoint. However, many custom developed complex Notes applications don't map easily to SharePoint. Within Office 365 product suite,Dynamics 365 (CRM) fills the gap by allowing rapid development of solutions.

Most agencies have custom developed information systemsthat support mission support applications. Migrating these and establishing all the integration points outside of the application is a vital step in the modernization process. Over the years, Lotus Notes systems tend to be threaded into many external systems and that poses a very high risk for migration.

Small Systems Management & Rationalization

Small systems memorialize organizational processes and make up the bulk of an organizations work effort. Agency information workers spend more time doing record creation, analysis, collaboration, organization, coordination, record management, and approval.These are typically embedded and supported in legacy applications. Our home grown method offers agenciesan effective way to transform these applications to newer, scalable platforms including Office 365.

Full Application Evaluation

Examining every Lotus Notes applications to determine the most effective and efficient path for migrationis important. From prioritization,elimination, template migration, and customized migration, MERP performs an end-to-end evaluation for full and complete transformation.

Office 365 -Dynamics 365 (CRM) & SharePoint

Migrations can be stressful and daunting for any organization. The simple answer to the transformationlies in combining the strengths of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 (CRM). Legacy application that rely on structured, relational, and complicated data models must use Dynamics. Re-developing workflows, case management, constituent management, help desk, and providing support for knowledge base is easily accomplished using Dynamics 365 (CRM). Dynamics 365 (CRM)also offers advanced dashboard and analytical reporting support. These critical functionalities save significant time for Notes Applications report migration.

Save Time and Money

Our approach helps agencies reduce the time you spend on unused or outdated applications during a transformation. It makes your overall migration faster and more efficient.

Why NOT Use Tools?

Migration utilities can only move standard Lotus Notes templates, (including mail). Due to the proprietary nature of Notes applications, manual analysis and a combination of custom configuration of SharePointand/ordevelopment of Dynamics CRM applicationsis the best suggested solution path. If you have complex data structured custom applications, migrating them from Lotus Notes to Dynamics 365(CRM)is the mostefficient approach.

A Supported Small Business

MERP is partnered with Microsoft, IBM, and CBrain to enable this important transformation service.

Service Highlights


  • MERP Systems developed Small Systems Management & Rationalization technique objectively analyzeand reviews Notesplatform and all applications
  • Organizes the applications based on functional complexity
  • Agency stake holderinterviews for deeper insight in application evaluation

  • No longer useful or no longer usedare recommendedfor removal or archival
  • Impacts estimated 30-40% of applications

  • Applications assignedfor transformation between target SharePoint and Dynamics 365 (CRM) systems
  • Establish Governance Plan

  • Build a decisive and adaptive central service where technology and mission/business value are seamlessly integrated
  • Uselean practices, agile delivery methodologies, re-usable code bases, and human centered design approaches
  • Benefit Highlights


  • Application Management and Rationalization to establish organizational priorities
  • Lotus Notes, Office 365 (SharePoint and Dynamics 365) experienceto craft appropriate system transformation
  • Transform all applications correctly –the first time
  • Complex systems migrations to Dynamics 365
  • Single Consistent user interface
  • Clean up unused or poorly utilized applications to avoid waste

  • Save time to migrate from removing unnecessary steps and tools
  • Gain a predictable timeline for full transformation
  • Process-guided journey