Dr. M G Sarngadharan (Dr. Sarang)

President & Chief Adviser, Health Solutions


Dr. Sarang is the President and Chief Adviser for Health Solutions at MERP Systems. Dr. Sarang is an eminent Virologist/biochemist and celebrated research scholar in the field of HIV discovery and characterization, including HIV-diagnostic testing. He holds eleven (11) key US patents including the one for the first blood screening tests for HIV-1 antibodies (US P#4, 520, 113 dated May 27, 1985) and several concerning the production of gp160 of HIV-1 and HIV-2, and novel approaches to raise neutralizing antibodies against HIV infection. Dr.Sarang previously served as the Vice President and Scientific Director at Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc.; Director, Department of Cell Biology at Bionetics Research, Inc., and Cancer Expert at National Cancer Institute.

Dr.Sarang obtained his PhD from Delhi University and completed his advanced training at Albany Medical College and St. Louis University School of Medicine. He was a visiting professor at the Institute of Human Virology of the University Maryland School of Medicine. He has nearly two hundred (200) publications to his credit and has been an honorary speaker at many science congress events. He is also a senior adviser to Global Virus Network.